Buying or selling a HomE comes with many challenges, some pleasant, some not so.
the process can be a bit confusing & overwhelming.

It really helps to have a friend to guide you through the process.

That's Who We Are.
That's What We Do.


We believe that the relationship between a buyer or seller and their Agent needs to be a pleasant thing. Over the years, people all around Northeast Indiana have learned that they find a friend when they meet Troy Wieland. He works hard, with patience and diligence, to help them accomplish their real estate goals. The entire Wieland Real Estate team is dedicated to this goal: To help you navigate the sometimes tricky world of real estate, and to stand along side of you as a trusted ally.


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Our agents cover Fort Wayne and northeastern Indiana as well as the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

In addition, we can establish referrals for you throughout the entire country to make your relocation process a little smoother!

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13 Tips For Finding The Best Real Estate Agent For Your Housing Needs

  1. Interview Your Agent

  2. Look For An Advocate, Not A Best Friend

  3. Evaluate Their Availability

  4. Spend Time With Your Agent

  5. Look For A Hyperlocalist

  6. Ask For References

  7. Look For Loyalty

  8. Know Where The Agent Is Focused

  9. Go With Your Gut

  10. Check For Longevity Rather Than Quantity

  11. Do Your Research

  12. Make Sure They Truly Listen To You

  13. Test Their Knowledge Of The Market

Source: Forbes Real Estate Council